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Welcome Highly Sensitive, Magical One. 

Please enjoy this video blog, straight from Haumea's heart to yours. 

December 2022

Topic: Holiday Blessings

November 2022

Topic: Thanksgiving Blessings

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[00:00:03.090] - Speaker 1

Well, hello. Welcome to our rocking October. We need some big energies here. So I am here to just share some magical musings with you in hopes that it can assist you. And bringing into this recording is a transmissions of energies of love as well as energies of protection. That's what the teams want to bring in today. So I want to let you know I've been musing on the theme of perfection and perfectionistic tendencies. As sensitive beings, it is so easy to go into the tendencies of perfectionism because we are so tuned into the subtleties of energies and we want to get it just right because we actually notice those things. But perfectionism is something that can take us out of our present, of the moment, of our power and our lives. So it's very important that we have awarenesses and tools to deal with perfectionism. And I'm very happy to share with you. My friend Karen Castalon is hosting a summit coming up just around the corner, be True to you. And the focus is on perfectionism and overcoming it. So she's interviewed me. My interview is coming up on October 14. You're welcome to watch over 25 different interviews for free.


[00:01:43.210] - Speaker 1

These are extraordinary artists and shaman and healers and aromatherapists and specialists in grief and others and yours truly. So my interview will be airing on October 14, and the theme is High Sensitivity and Leading to Perfectionism why it Can Lead to Perfectionism. So I invite you to come join and listen to the interview. And if you do choose to do that, there's also a free gift for you that I'm offering you. And many of the other guests also.


[00:02:25.230] - Speaker 2

Have free gifts for you as well.


[00:02:27.630] - Speaker 1

So that's the first thing I want to share with you, the interview coming up and assistance in overcoming that perfectionistic tendency that can take us out of our own lives and our own self expression. The second thing I want to mention is that I've been called to open up several slots, limited number eight of them in October and early November for VIP one on one sessions. Now, usually I have a wait list for these and they're not always available. And right now I can only do one of them a day because I need to recover from the energies. There's a lot that goes on in these sessions. They're very, very exciting. They're tailored for you. Your soul is on board and is directing the session as well. As I bring in all of my teams, the ones that are appropriate for the session, maybe some extra ones, and then your guides and teams are on board too, is sort of like a conference call. And it's all about you. So in these unprecedented times, which is why I'm doing this, there are connections that want to be made. There are blocks that are available to be zapped away or cleared from your life forever.


[00:03:57.710] - Speaker 1

There is alignment and information messages that want to come forth for you at this time. So there's a few of those open, and if you're interested, you can find the link down below or in the email. And there is a special $125 off coupon that I'm offering right now, so you can find that below as well. And if you would like to have a free, no obligation, 15 minutes, call zoom call where we see if this is in the right alignment for you at this time, then you're welcome to.


[00:04:36.930] - Speaker 2

Do that as well.

August 2022

Topic: Warm end of summer greetings, being a Magical Sensitive in a world not designed for you & a few additional ways you can be supported. 

Links mentioned in video: 

Awakening Beyond Your Trauma Fall 2022

Magical Momentum with Haumea

Magic 5 1:1 VIP Sessions - Book a resonance call with Haumea

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[00:00:06.730] - Speaker 1

Hello. So magical end of August greetings to you here in the northern hemisphere. It's getting towards the end of summer and there's part of me that goes no, I just absolutely love the summer so I hope you also have had some wonderful summer joys and continue to for the next few weeks. If you're in the northern hemisphere and in the southern you're enjoying a nice winter. Now, it's been a while since I've communicated or I've last seen you and this is the first video communication I'm having but I'm finding this is what feels right to me right now and if we haven't met before, I'm Haumea Hanakahi.


[00:01:03.450] - Speaker 1

And I love you.


[00:01:07.270] - Speaker 1

So, I'm here because spirit keeps prompting me out of my immense shyness saying it's time to get over that and really share the gifts, share the knowings, share the ike, the insights that come to me and that and the discoveries that I have, which are many. It's been many years that has been sort of threatening to do that but I'm finally doing it and it's time. We've all been under so much stress and pressure and immense change during the last couple of years. Life is not how it used to be and it won't be going back to that either which is actually the good news. What's tough is part of us doesn't really know how to go about living in this mysterious new life that we have and some of it frankly seems rather scary.


[00:02:15.860] - Speaker 1

So anytime we experience change our nervous system it's a little bit resistant like looking out for danger especially for us who are highly sensitive empaths evolutionaries. We feel the energy. We're tuned into subtleties that at least 80% of the population is not. But we are. So that's why I'm here.


[00:02:44.080] - Speaker 1

I'm here to help support other magical sensitives in the world. You may be a star seed, you may be an evolutionary you may consider yourself an earth angel or maybe you just always heard people say you're too sensitive, you need to thicken your skin. And I will say, no, you don't need to thicken your skin. However. You do need to have tools and understandings and understandings that help you create a lifestyle and a big toolbox for living in this world that isn't designed in a way that has traditionally supported the sensitives that tend to be patients.


[00:03:33.120] - Speaker 1

Tend to be the artists. The advisors. The oracles.


[00:03:48.030] - Speaker 1

The ones that really tune in so much to the subtleties of energies that we tend to experience also and create sublime creations and have sublime experiences. So I'm here to support you in that and there are a few ways that I'm available for that now.


[00:04:16.530] - Speaker 1

These are sort of time sensitive right now.


[00:04:22.870] - Speaker 1

My dear father made his transition. He passed several months ago as well as I've had many other dear life ones as you probably have too that passed in the last few years and very soon after his passing I received promptings from Spirit to create a 13 week sacred immersion program called Awakening Beyond Your Trauma. So in the many decades that I have worked with clients and myself through the change process and creating wonderful lives that we've really accelerated, gone beyond where we started, I noticed that we would tend to hit a wall where certain patterns and obstacles would come back up again. And it was very frustrating to see that in myself and in my clients. And what I've come to learn is that at least for the sensitive population that I work with, is almost always will.


[00:05:40.660] - Speaker 1

In 100% of the cases that I have worked with personally, there have been underlying traumas at the root of this. And when I say trauma, I deal not so much with the stories around the trauma that may be a little bit of it, but basically that trauma, it creates an energy block. It creates sort of like a dam in the energy system so you can't just flow and it captures certain energies back again. They keep recirculating, trying to be resolved. And so I've developed what I call Liberation Clearings that help to release those blocks very powerful.


[00:06:25.070] - Speaker 1

And during this 13 week immersion, I've been able to bring forth different Liberation Clearings transmissions and activations that have really helped transform a lot of people's lives. And so I'm opening the doors back up for that again and adding in another live component to the course where we will have a discourse weekly for 13 weeks, or a community gathering where people can share their experiences. And you're held in a very sacred space, and I hold you in a very protective and sacred and supportive energy field as well. So you're getting three months of energy support, energetic support, on a daily basis with this 13 week immersion program so you can read more about it. There's a link somewhere here.


[00:07:20.680] - Speaker 1

And then another offering if you're interested in having additional support, is for the first time in two years, I'm opening up the doors to something that I've been doing very quietly with a small intimate group, about 25 people. And it's called Magical Momentum with Haumea. So this is my inner circle membership group. Magical Momentum. And every month I deliver a master class and master clearing event.


[00:07:59.930] - Speaker 1

And then we have also later in the month we have a Q and A session with Love Seats, which means one on one laser coaching people can come on live and get coached one on one. And so that also is an offering that's available to you. And there's three different levels available right now. I don't know how much longer I'll keep this open. Like I say, is the first time I'm opening it up in two years.


[00:08:34.670] - Speaker 1

I have a sense it'll be open for a few more weeks before I close the doors again. So if you're interested in getting that additional support and I know right now what I'm hearing from people is that it offers a consistent level of support so people can go out into the world, are sensitive, and then come back and be supported, nurtured, understood and connect with other members of the community that are likehearted and understand with the sensitivity as well. So those two are available and then I have a very limited offering of two availabilities right now for what I call this is my VIP one on one coaching. It's called the Magical Five. Five Sessions.


[00:09:29.350] - Speaker 1

I found one on one laser coaching is enough to really move people through a specific issue that they're dealing with in their life. And actually, for most people, we're able to hit upon several issues, but bringing forth one main one and then others tend to get dealt with as well. So I have two openings for that right now. So those are the ways that I can support you. If you'd like to have additional support, if that feels like it might resonate with you, you can check out the links and see how that feels.


[00:10:10.790] - Speaker 1

There's more details there for the brain to take in. But basically people that work with me, they usually feel a resonance. It's like, oh yeah, that's something my soul is calling me forth to that. And I do believe that I have soul contracts with the people that I work with, that we have agreed that I would be here to assist them through different things and support them in different ways to their nexts, whatever phase level, whether it's with their marketing and their business, some specific thing with the relationship with themselves, with their body, their health, whatever it is. So anyways, I hope this finds you well at any time


[00:11:04.680] - Speaker 1

feel free to hit reply to if this is attached to email, you can reply in the email. Just let me know how you're doing. I'm genuinely curious and send so much love to you. My intention is to be able to send out these magical musing emails and video Vlogs at least once a month. I have a feeling right now, with energy shifting so quickly, it will be more often than once a month so that I can help support people even more with different tools or readings of what's going on in the energy field for us right now.


[00:11:48.860] - Speaker 1

So lots and lots of love to you. Thank you for being here on this planet and so much love.


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