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Welcome Highly Sensitive, Magical One. 

"Grief & Sorrow are some of the heaviest and slowest of the emotions." - Haumea   


A few weeks ago in my Magical Momentum with Haumea group, a potent and powerful clearing around Sorrow came through.

33 teams were with us along with our Ancestors and loved ones. It was Dia de Los Muertos and the veils were quite thin. 

I was actually quite nervous before this session. I could feel the immense potential. What actually transpired has left me feeling wrung out in a good way, like after a good cry...and feeling lighter...and amazed. 

There is so much love awaiting you in this session. The teams are saying it is the most heart-healing session we've done!

Given the power of this session, I wanted to offer it to the collective - without a membership to the Magical Momentum with Haumea group. 

A one time payment of $27.00 (reg. $97.00) gets you access to the powerful 90 min session on Sorrow and Feeling our Feelings.


Click here to purchase Special Sorrow Clearing

Topics & Clearings in this session:

*Changes & how to stabilize ourselves

*Review of the astrological energies this month 

*Lunar eclipse review

*Definition and history of the word Sorrow 

*Discussion of the "white essence" 

*Gifts and unwanted things passed to us 

*Clearing around deep sorrow, sadness and traumas passed through the lineage 

*Clearing around the guilt of letting it go  

*Loss of innocence and purity 

*Thinning veils and our ancestors 

*Meditation to connect with ancestors, loved ones, pets, etc that want to come forward in love

*Elevated clearing with our ancestors and the collective 

*Clearing around punishments connected with sadness and sorrow

Click here to purchase Special Sorrow Clearing

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