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Welcome Highly Sensitive, Magical One. 

"Grief & Sorrow are some of the heaviest and slowest of the emotions." - Haumea   


A few weeks ago in my Magical Momentum with Haumea group, a potent and powerful clearing around Sorrow came through.

33 teams were with us along with our Ancestors and loved ones. It was Dia de Los Muertos and the veils were quite thin. 

I was actually quite nervous before this session. I could feel the immense potential. What actually transpired has left me feeling wrung out in a good way, like after a good cry...and feeling lighter...and amazed. 

There is so much love awaiting you in this session. The teams are saying it is the most heart-healing session we've done!

Given the power of this session, Spirit wants this sacred Masterclass with Liberation Clearings™ on Sorrow to be available for the first time outside of our exclusive Magical Momentum Membership portal.

The price is just $27.00 (reg. $119)

Receive your access to the powerful Masterclass with Liberation Clearings™ on Sensitive Souls, Sorrow & Loss.

Feel Lighter. 

Click here for your Sensitive Souls, Sorrow & Loss Masterclass

(If you're in the Magical Momentum with Haumea Membership you already have access to these recordings. Forward to a friend or loved one who may benefit!)

  • Hear personal mystical stories Haumea shares for the first time ever 

  • Learn about spiritual gifts and the white essence passed on to us at the death of another 

  • Having other people's sadness, regret and loss of the spark of joy

  • Receive sacred Liberation Clearings™ around deep sorrow, sadness and traumas passed through the lineage

  •  Receive Liberation Clearings™ around the guilt of letting sorrow and grief go

  •  Enjoy a special meditation connecting us with ancestors, loved ones, pets, etc that want to come forward in supportive love

  • Assist with an elevated clearings with our ancestors and the collective 

  • Watch an excerpt of this powerful Masterclass: 

    Click for your Sensitive Souls, Sorrow & Loss Masterclass

    What other Magicals are saying about Sensitive Souls, Sorrow & Loss:

    "I just want to say thank you for the beautiful gift. It was just what I needed!"

    " It's a wonderful way to take time for ourselves and receive clearings that we might not have considered or we did and didn't know how to clear the energy. It's also a beautiful way to raise your vibration." -Jeanette 

    “Wow what an incredible experience clearing individual and collective trauma with Haumea. She is truly gifted as a high level energetic clearer of such densities and even though I am thousands of miles away from her, I felt such distinct and profound energy clearings each time I watched/listened and even re-doing any week’s session I also cleared more layers. 

    This kind of work is so needed at this time of awakening and this is a truly unique opportunity to support you on your personal healing journey and any clients you work with. The deeper you go, the deeper they can go too! I wholeheartedly recommend her work. You’ll be so grateful that you gave yourself this gift of transformation!” – Eeshi-Ra

    "It will give you a sense of peace and empowerment." - Melanie

    "Haumea's playful, smart way of diving into such crucial depths of being enlivens and transforms you almost without you knowing. She is a true healer with a unique set of tools and she knows just when to use them." - Jamie


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