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Because you've ordered the Sensitives and Sorrow Masterclass you're invited to a one time offer for a non-ordinary Masterclass on Sensitives and SHAME

Shame is THE biggest blocker of your desired life including financial sovereignty, health & vitality, loving relationships, feeling acknowledged, respected, cared for...and Loved. It blocks access to your higher Divine Self & Abilities.

Were you raised on a diet of guilt and shame? It lurks in the shadows, sabotaging efforts and sacking your energy. It is Designed to control you in ways I reveal. The "clearing" work was different this time. 

This master class on shame, I would say is a resplendent reckoning. And what I mean by reckoning is reckoning is to be acknowledged and set straight. So this master class is about acknowledging and setting straight about shame. The shift is now we are restoring our right reasoning.

This special one time offer is just $15.00 (reg. $119) gets you access to the powerful non-ordinary Masterclass on Sensitives and Shame.

Be Liberated.

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Included in this non-ordinary Masterclass on SHAME:

  • Insights and discoveries on shame that you have never heard before

  • What if there can not be evil without shame? 

  • Depression and Shame 

  • "Shame is a mechanism to disempower humanity and lower its vibration so that it can be controlled." - Haumea 

  • If there is no blame, there is no shame. 

  • David Hawkins Scale of Consciousness: (0-1000) Shame sits at the bottom at 26 

  • Experience a "shame detox" with help from the Divine teams in the unseen realms

  • "Shame has been the biggest tool that nobody yet realized." - Haumea 

  • You may feel more vitality and energy.

  • What some other Magicals were saying during this potent Masterclass: 

  • "I feel a LIGHTNESS and love this. Energizing!"                                                           

  • "WOW!!! Traveled through so much of my body as it healed...beyond where I thought I held shame. To bones & muscles that I overused for so long to prove my worthiness...stretched tall as it all released..."

  • "I was sent back to a field of grass next to a lake and the positive feelings I had a a child. No worries. No shame."

  • "When I saw the Masterclass on Shame it tickled my Soul! The simplicity and clarity of it, the humor, and the fact that I finished listening, I got REALLY HIGH ..lasted for a long time. The energy of that day - Elves and Fairies in the computer (insight into your perceptions - very nice!) and what the world could be.”

  • Yes! Give me the Shame Bonus!

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