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[00:00:00.790] - Speaker 1

Hello. I am here today to say hello, and it's been a while, and I've missed you. I want to let you know that you, as one of the original founding members of Magical Moments Momentum, membership with me back in September of 2020, I would love to have you back if you're interested, if that's something that appeals to you. Now, we've been going for almost two years with the original core group, and Spirit is knocking on my door saying it's time to open this group up and allow other people to also benefit from it. And so I'll be doing that very shortly now, and the regular price is going to be $149 a month for this membership.


[00:00:52.590] - Speaker 1

My rates, if you were to get a 1 hour session, is over $1,000 an hour, and there's a waitlist for that in limited spots. So this is really a very affordable way to get your questions answered and even to have one on one laser coaching with the love seat. I miss you. I love to see you back if that's something that calls for you. And by the way, although the regular price is $149, you will see that you're getting a very special discounted offer to honor that you were one of the original founding members.


[00:01:29.870] - Speaker 1

We'd love to see you back, and you can find out more down below. And in any case, let's stay in touch. Much love to you. Wishing you all the best, and lots and lots of love.


[00:01:45.570] - Speaker 1

Thank you.




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Private Community Sanctuary & Lounge

Join our community of Soul-led, Magical, Sensitive Beings. Find support, encouragement, inspiration and wonderment with others right here on Mama Earth. You don't need to be a lone wolf anymore. Bring your quirks, uniqueness, artistry, just as you are. 

  • Get Your Tune Up!

    Live calls every 2 weeks to help you get your magical tune up, plus you'll receive after-session resources in your playbook to help deepen your integration of each session. Masterclass/Master Clearing Event with energy updates alternates with...

  • Q&A and LoveSeat Sessions

    Direct access to Haumea via Live Q & A and Loveseats - ask your questions and have them answered whether you can attend live or listen later to the recording. Receive laser 1:1 coaching with Haumea.

  • Podcast Access

    Enjoy our Easy-Peasy listening experience. We have a private podcast just for Magical Momentum participants. No more sitting in front of the computer if you don't want to. Listen to each week's session while on your favorite walk or at the beach. Listen as many times as you like - and no worries about losing where you left off at. 

  • Your special gift from Haumea...

    You're welcomed back with open arms at $33/month

    (reg. $149/month but not for YOU! You're grandfathered in at your Returning Founders rate of $33/month)

    No obligation. You may cancel at any time.

    There is SO MUCH more MAGIC awaiting you

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    What people are saying

    “It’s (the membership) been foundational for me. Very comforting to know that I have a meeting to join regularly where there is compassionate acceptance, and support for these shifting times. It’s been a feeling of not being alone, and that is so important to me. I have engaged in all different types of healing work, but the quantum work specifically is new for me with this group. It has helped me understand more deeply the quantum healing work that I’m learning to offer, and has answered a lot of questions I didn’t know I had about remote healing and timeline shifting. It’s been very supportive during this past year of study and growth for me. Feels like my involvement with you and your style of healing has given me permission to embrace my uniqueness, and get more comfortable sharing it with others.” 

    – Kristi M.

    "So, I've never been in a group like this, with other like-minded spiritually oriented people. I have worked with individual healers and mediums and psychics, and I've always enjoyed the messaging but didn't feel a deeper connection. I was always a bit skeptical of the sources of knowledge that they claim to have had. But for whatever reason, I trust you, Haumea. Yeah, and it's awesome to feel that kind of connection with you and to trust. The teachings that you share with us and the encouragement that you give to us to to trust the process and in connecting to our spiritual intuition and Awakenings to that. I feel like I'm more open and more connected and as a result can receive much more of the benefits of these truths that I may have been resistant to before. What I like about the membership was the recordings of the live lectures and teachings, because it allowed for me to not feel so much pressure to be there Thursday mornings at 9:00 because I knew there were some flexibility because you know sometimes as an entrepreneur they are just appointments that came up for me at that time and so just it took a lot of the pressure off and and help ease my worried about missing out the fomo from the healing. I really love that part." 

    – Sherri R.

    “It's like lots of things you teach. I know or I've heard before then something happens when your Channeling your energy and bringing through healings. And that's really special and I can feel that it's really different and my whole system just wakes up on alert and a whole other way. And I really respond and that's amazing. often it brings me to tears or I'm shaking or yawning or lot or but it feels really alive, really, really vital and I feel how powerful you are. so, I can see how that might be hard to ground or hard to, you know, create life around or something, but for me, it's with that's the gift, really. How my life is different since one year in the membership: “Lots and lots of things have changed. I can't believe it's been a year. Actually, that really surprised me because I haven't been keeping track. Now, I'd say these clearings and I've used them over and over again, some of them in particular, some not so much, but others, I've gone back to you three or four times. With particular issues and what I found is it's like a kind of energetic, spiritual smoothing. So I've been doing the work I've been doing. Really heavy lifting and finding other people, you know, the work with this group hasn't been on its own. But this has been vital to helping me. and integrate clearing at all layers, all levels. and a little bit to just hold my hand through this year because as you've said a lot of times, the times are crazy. And when it's under so much pressure and it's fast moving, sometimes it's really confusing. And just to know that I'm not alone with that and not going insane and that things are kind of all right. You know, to feel the way we feel and whatever. That's really helpful. Yes. I'm quite different now. Quite different."

    – Abi A.

    "This work is very unique. I loved the format of the master classes taking place and then me being able to tap into them later (through the recordings). Understanding that my energy was already included in that. Because sometimes I honestly just couldn't make the times or like today. I thought I had the right time and it just wasn't the right time, but that's Mercury in retrograde and that's okay. This is very, very, very unique. And the fact I've made a folder for myself and went ahead and listen to a couple of the replays twice or three times. And that's so unique for me. I really don't usually need to listen to something twice or three times. It gets a little repetitive or boring for me. But I've listened to the master class with goddess Durga at least three times, and I probably will go back about self-esteem. And each time I get something different out of it, it's been a simple little bit of a similar exercise. My work with Haumea and the Magical Moments has been so uplifting on the inside of me. I've also connected one to one with some of the members and like for one person bought their book." 

    – Sheri B.

    “Your work is unique, as you are unique. You bring such an eclectic assortment of tools to the table: the zapping, illuminescence, Human Design, just to scratch the surface. You've accumulated so many healing tools and you are a master at knowing when to pull them out of your kit!"

    – Jamie W.

    "It's fun. It's interesting, it's educational, it's entertaining. There is a reward that comes to me, often, it's engaging. I wake up and it sounds like fun to be able to participate or listen to these calls. So it's fun."

    – John H.

    "I've done other spiritual work, but I was very impacted by the first session I had with you and the feeling of your team, working on me was visceral, and I've experienced that throughout the the master class and Q & A sessions with you as well to greater and lesser extents, but the have been times when it has been quite profound for me. I haven't done this much work with anybody like you. And it's had a consistency and regularity that has made it different. And it has made me feel more connected to my own support systems. that were always there, but I feel more connected to them now."

    – Kate

    "Life-changing. I'm very picky about who I learn from. Yeah, I guess I for lack of a better word. I feel like there are a lot of false prophets out there and having a good bullshit meter, I can tell when someone is maybe seeing things as this is the way, it is belief system. And you just don't do that at all, and you are so very real and trustworthy and loving and open and this has totally like expanded me. I am trying to think what it would have been like if I hadn't found this class, I don't even want to think about that because it's exactly what I needed. And I feel even just the way I found it and like that, I didn't even think about like, yep. I'm taking this. I felt what you were. It's like feeling seen for the first time. Really a lot of what you said that first class was just so impressed. Incredible to me I never heard anything like that, so absolutely life-changing."

    – Rosalie

    "My favorite highlight has been The calm feeling I had when I heard your voice."

    – Betsy A.

    "The best part for me, has been the fact that it's, it's ongoing in that it's twice a month. The timing is always perfect. I just so look forward to these Thursdays. They're just amazing."

    – Sacha

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