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But wait ... you are invited to a BONUS opportunity to upgrade with a 1:1 Laser LoveSeat session with Haumea.

You now have access to a very potent Masterclass with Liberation Clearings on Sensitives Souls, Sorrow & Loss. Do you want additional 1:1 support from me to personally help you with becoming unstuck from your deepest sorrow/grief/loss pain? This is not to forget your loved one, but so that you can enjoy a larger spectrum of life. Receive laser precision insights and clearings, customized and personal to you.

This could be an entire coaching package, but Spirit has guided me to open up a limited number of laser coaching 1:1 sessions, in a group setting. These are incredibly affordable and you can receive not only clearings from your personal session, but also benefit from the insights and clearings from other people’s sessions. It’s time to move the needle on feeling better. 

Required: Watch the Sensitive Souls, Sorrow & Loss Masterclass first. You may even want to repeat it. This will familiarize you with my work and prepare you to receive the most from your 1:1 laser loveseat session.

These sessions are about 10 minutes in linear time, but what gets accomplished is in the Quantum Field where we are not limited by linear time. Most clients have been amazed at what happens.

You also have the benefit of being in a group setting where you can receive insights and clearings through other peoples LoveSeats.

With special pricing for

ONLY $88

 (30 min sessions when available are $555)

(limited availability)

What people are saying about their 1:1's with Haumea 

"I never expected to have so many energy blocks that were still clinging on me. I loved learning and experiencing how supported I am by this journey my soul is on. I have felt like a misfit when it comes to my gifts and learning how to live with them in this society. In your session I felt such a recognition for how I feel and for my knowing. I felt a huge permission slip and validation. So many things I am still integrating and allowing the process to continue." - Yuritzi         

 "Even after so many months, I am still discovering deeper and deeper layers of gratitude for the wonders you have done for me. You have helped me crawl out of the dark pit I got myself in. Bringing me closer to the light. From the bottom of my heart, the depth of my soul and the vastness of my being, I thank you!" -Gianni

 "I learned so much through my session. Haumea’s discernment and connection are phenomenal. I would highly recommend a session." - Melanie