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Do you consider yourself to be a magical, sensitive being, but often find yourself in a world that you're trying to figure out? And do you have a question that sometimes just rings out in your soul? What is wrong with me? Why can't I figure this out? Why don't I fit in?



Why can't I get traction in my life? Why does this pattern keep happening? How come bad things happen to me?



Well, I want you to know you're not alone. And I'm sorry you've experienced that. If that's been the case for you, I want more for you. And that's why I'm here. So my name is Haumea Hanakahi, and I work with magical, highly sensitive beings that are soul-led and are here at this pivotal time on this planet for a reason, whether you know what that reason is or not.



And one thing I found with my own life, as well as with my clients, is that we can get very far in our lives. And then it's like hitting a wall with that same old pattern. It might be a relationship pattern. It might be a money pattern of debt or not making enough, or not making more than I want, or not having enough, not feeling enough.



That's something that is sourcing from traumas and trauma states. And as highly sensitive beings, we process trauma differently than 80% of the population. How's that? So what I've done, what I'm called to do, is to offer this special 13 week immersion to awaken beyond your trauma. I'm going to be sharing some entertaining stories, some educational stories.



There's going to be a mix of Neurosciences and exercises that are effective, that work, that are simple, that don't take years to experience results. I'm also going to bring in some very special teams that work with me from the Unseen Realms, including members of the Angelic Realms, the Dragon Realms, the Mere People, the Elementals, there's many that are here to assist all of us to be liberated from these old trauma states and stuck traumas in our bodies that keep pulling us back into states of survival and continuing to process information through a very narrow lens. So we're not able to express fully and live in our wholeness and live into our full potential as the divine beings that we are here on Earth now, which is what we're meant to do. So I'll be offering some very special clearings, energetic clearings that have the potency and the ability to transmute energies not only for ourselves individually, but for our families, our lineage and the collectives that we belong to.



It may be our culture, it may be a location where we're at. It may be a lineage that goes way far back, that connects into our spiritual lineage, even our star lineage, beyond our physical DNA, genetic lineage of the physical families that we have here. And that's my mission here is to help assist, bring more magic into the world, more lightness, more joy, more delightedness through you and help raise the consciousness in our evolution on Earth through this magical transformation. So if that speaks to you, I welcome you and invite you to join me for the next 13 weeks.



Thank you.


$333 usd

Reg. $1497.  Special pricing due to the timely call to support and help liberate Empaths, Sensitives, Earth Angels, Starseeds into the empowerment of their true divine design during these Evolutionary times

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  • Still have questions?

    Do I need to come with a particular Trauma in mind? What if I can't identify my traumas?

    You don't need to have a specific trauma in mind. We have big T's (traumas), and we have little T's (traumas). We have collections of the whole spectrum. This series will address traumas in different areas. The work that we'll be doing as a group -the understandings and the innerstandings that we gain from these master classes and clearing events - will apply to any traumas that a person identifies with, and reveal the roots of some you may not fully understand yet. 

    Will this interfere with other modalities I'm currently using?

    If you are currently receiving extensive trauma based therapy and or currently taking or participating in plant medicine therapy, this is not for you. It is recommended that you don't mix this with other modalities for trauma while in this program.

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    Why offer a trauma series?

    I'm in my 6th decade and I have a background as a health scientist as well as a coach, a teacher and also a researcher. Throughout the years, with my clients and with myself, I have been able to create lots of change in our lives. And yet what was most frustrating to me was when with a client or myself, would reach a certain point and then a certain pattern would repeat it's like we couldn't get over that particular pattern or dynamic. What's blocking the change? What's blocking healing? What's blocking wholeness? And what I found is that trauma is the big link. If you look at chronic illness, in every case that I have worked with and with my own chronic conditions, there was always a trauma aspect. And until that's dealt with in some way, cleared or resolved, then it's as if the trauma holds that pattern in place. Trauma can be very debilitating and keep us from living fulfilling, successful lives and having our highest state of potential expressed in this life, with our health, our wellness, with our finances, with our relationships, and our mental and emotional well being. Now is the time to bring more aliveness, more magic, more wholeness and well being into our lives.

    Will this trigger old traumas?

    Liberation Clearings are designed to be gentle and non triggering.

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    What if I miss a session? Can I attend the next on anyway?

    Because these sessions build upon each other in momentum and depth, I would suggest that you listen to them in the order that they are presented. That said, if you're feeling called to skip ahead or to go ahead and attend a live session and you've missed previous ones, follow your inner knowing to what's best for you. There's no particular rule, only guidelines.

    How much time will this take each week?

    Each weekly session is approximately 1 hour. You can attend live or by recording. You can download the recording on your private podcast to your mobile device and enjoy it on a walk or at the beach or in between other activities. Additional resources are provided to deepen the integration, which may include journaling or other exercises and may take anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour. Many people find a lot of value in repeating in listening to the session more than once and find that even more is cleared that way. 

    How long will I have access to this course?

    It's your to keep forever. 

    Should I get a VIP 1:1 session?

    Upon check out, there are a limited number of 30 minutes, one on one VIP sessions available. This is the description for the session, if you feel called to it: Awakening Beyond Your Trauma, you will have the opportunity for a discounted VIP single session with Haumea (limited to 20 people). This VIP single session is usually available by invitation only. A limited number of sessions are being released to ABYT participants. Session appointments are available between April 15 - July 28th. This is a Gift from Creatrix Spirit and Haumea to provide the support and upleveling required during these Awakening Times…in service to Humanity and Earth’s Evolution. We will enter the portal via the current or significant challenge/issue you would like help with. You may think of that dang thing that keeps dogging you no matter how much self growth you've done around it. It probably limits your success, impact, finances or relationships. Grrrrr. Amongst other Cosmic Detective Work...I will ask “Is This Yours?” For 99% of the clients I’ve worked with…their Biggest Current Challenge or Issue had elements that WERE NOT EVEN THEIRS…causing them to be STUCK on the Challenge, unable to move beyond it. (We’ll identify how much is yours and is not yours...and clear/evolve this energy) Over the course of 4 decades, I've carefully studied 1000's of sensitive, magical beings and have the unique ability to see how you are Divinely Designed. I will detect and relay important aspects of your unique design and operating system so you can utilize what works for YOU, no longer comparing yourself to some formula that doesn't apply to you. Then...Allow yourself to be loved and seen as never before. As the Divine Being you are, on assignment.You will receive messages from your Soul and Mighty Allies in the Unseen Realms. New Innerstandings have the ability to be deeply transformative and healing.You will also be CONNECTED to some that have waited EONs for this time and occasion. You may have heard the expression that "Connections are Everything." Guess what? There is Big Truth in that. You will receive a recording of this session so you can be fully present and don't have to take notes. Many clients report that re-watching/listening the session is like receiving multiple sessions - the energy clearing continue to build and the new innerstandings land even deeper. Indeed, I use spiritual technology with the recordings so that when you watch/listen again, it's as if you are live and receiving exactly what you need at the new now moment. The work begins as soon as you book. Be supported with Love and Protection uniquely designed just for YOU. In our session time together, it is 25-35 laser minutes of extremely powerful and efficient work - not really measurable in Earth time. It took me decades of life or death scenarios and ambitious experimentation by necessity to come to this level of mastery. It used to take years of intensive clearings to do what can now be done in one session.Until recently I was only allowed to do one of these session every few days because it took me 2 days or more to recover. Grace has seen to it that recovery time often quicker now. It is my joy that more purpose-driven Earth Angels can be supported with this work now. However, I am still limited to only a few sessions/wk. 

    30 min VIP 1:1 special pricing for Awakening Beyond Your Trauma participants $349 (reg. $555) (Limit 20)

    Every purchased session contributes to Equity Scholarships for Indigenous Leaders, Wisdom Keepers & New Earth Movement Leaders...Thank you!!! 

    Why offer this series now?

    In the last couple of years, we've all gone through so much, there's been a lot of psychological and mental trauma involved. Simultaneously, our sun is putting off more solar flares and solar radiation than it has in centuries. Science has shown, that when we receive the full spectrum of the sun and in higher amounts, it actually triggers and awakens our consciousness. This is the start of a new Renaissance and it's triggering things within us to question, what is life about? What is my soul purpose here? Why am I here? And a desire to have deeper fulfillment and connection with source. Now is the time because when we're not in trauma, we have a much wider spectrum of vision and access to knowing. 

    When will it be and what if I can't make it live?

    Every Wednesday between March 30th - June 22nd at 2pm EST/11AM PST. Every session is held in a sacred container and any energies or clearings that take place are as potent live as they are recorded. Always feel free to revisit courses when you need to readdress an issue. 

    What is your refund policy?

    Refunds are available for seven days after your first class.

  • What Others Are Saying

    "This was a beautiful, surprising and deeply welcome healing. I did indeed feel a huge trauma - intense fear - being gently assisted to move and transform. I also tasted again the life and death pain that had put that trauma into my heart.In 2013-4 my husband was ill with cancer and died. I experienced such severe pain myself that I had several significant physical reactions and symptoms during and after that time.

    My nervous system has been under attack by the events of my life and, as you said in this healing, by other forces that have been kind of trying to block me.It felt profound today to experience such safety whereby I could release that fear and pain to enable my body some space to heal and right itself."

    – Abi A

    "Haumea's playful, smart way of diving into such crucial depths of being enlivens and transforms you almost without you knowing. She is a true healer with a unique set of tools and she knows just when to use them."

    – Jamie W.

    "I really like the energy and the clearings. I may not know exactly what is being cleared (or even need to know), but I know I feel lighter afterwards." 

    – Jeanette H 

    "'s a refuge from the storm. It gives a sense of peace and empowerment." 

    – Melanie V.

    "Life-changing. I'm very picky about who I learn from. I feel like there are a lot of false prophets out there and having a good bullshit meter, I can tell when someone is maybe seeing things as a belief system and you you just don't do that at all. You are so very real and trustworthy and loving and open and this has totally expanded me. I trying to think what it would have been like if I hadn't found this class. I don't even want to think about that because it's exactly what I needed. And I feel even just the way I found it and like that, I didn't even think about like, yep. I'm taking this. It's like feeling seen for the first time. Really a lot of what you said that first class was just so impressed. I never heard anything like that, so yeah, absolutely life-changing."

    – Rosalie

    "I've never experienced anything like this. From the first time I met you, the first session we did. I mean, I never had never experienced anything like it. I felt it. And then it just kept healing, It was real and it was, Oh my God I'm so excited. For me usually I have to go by trust because I don't necessarily notice, I don't necessarily ever really feel shift or change or anything drastic but not so with with your work. it's So powerful. It is so powerful, I could not believe it. So yeah, no nothing. Nothing compares. Thank you." 

    – Sacha

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